How to Determine the Age of a Grandfather Clock

Stories about clocks, time, folklore, the whys and hows of time keeping and restoration. Many times the customer will feel that this is a rare clock as they cannot find any information on the company. The Plymouth Clock Company was actually formed in the early ‘s as a work around for the Seth Thomas Clock Company to dump low cost clocks on an already depressed market. Seth Thomas insisted all of their dealers adhere to strict selling and pricing agreements to protect their market shares. This agreement worked well for Seth Thomas, but boxed their dealers into a tight area not allowing for discounts on pricing to move more clocks. The majority of the cases produced by the Plymouth Clock Company were tambour construction mantle clocks with inexpensive, low quality wood cases that had minimal ornamentation and printed appliques that were to mimic inlaid veneer work. One banjo style clock was also offered. This less than above board marketing and manufacturing arrangement worked well for the Seth Thomas Company until the late ‘s when the Seth Thomas family sold their interest in the clock company to the General Time Company, at which time the old 89 movements were put in anything that could be sold. After the entire stock of these movement were exhausted, General Time began installing whatever movement they could obtain cheaply into these clocks.

Dating Antique Clocks

Don’t worry — your e-mail address is totally secure. I promise to use it only to send you Clock Collecting Tips. They are all well made quality clocks, and are rapidly increasing in value. This area of western Connecticut was a busy center for the manufacture of wooden clockworks at the time Seth Thomas was growing up, so it is no surprise that he would work in this industry as a young man.

Find out what dealers and collectors have actually paid for antique grandfather, mantel or wall clocks like yours. Covers American, European and Continental clocks of all types.

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How to Date a Seth Thomas Mantel Clock

September 23, Dear Herschede Dealer: It is with deep regret that we inform you that Arnold Industries will immediately implement a plan to restructure the Herschede Hall Clock division from a manufacturer of the finished clocks to a supplier of quality tubular bell movements to the industry. We have tried extremely hard to avoid such a substantial change in our company, but the changes in the economy and the market led us to this decision. Consumer compromise to less expensive, mass produced clocks along with deep discounting by manufacturers has created unsettled market factors.

Additionally, you are aware that our national economy has weakened for a number of years, adding to the declining demand for high quality luxury goods.

Dating Seth Thomas Clocks Some early Seth Thomas clocks can be dated by the address of the printer (Elihu Geer) who printed the labels found inside. If your label is still intact, the printer’s name and address can be found in small print at the bottom of the label.

One of the oldest, if not THE oldest Chelsea clocks available on the market today. Since that time the Chelsea Clock Company has manufactured over 1 million clocks! The early form silvered, pressed copper dial has bold Roman numerals swept by blued steel Breguet moon hands with a hand-painted minute chapter and subsidiary seconds bit below XII. A matching serial number is stamped on the back of the case opposite the XII.

This is an excellent time keeper, complete with period winding key. A beautiful clock over years old looking as good as the day it was made! James Emott Caldwell — was an American jeweler who founded the famous J. Best known as a provider of fine jewelry, the company also produced and sold gold, silver, china, crystal and stationary. After a one year watch and clock apprenticeship Caldwell moved to Philadelphia in , first working for established jewelers in that city.

He opened his first retail store in at Chestnut Street. In he partnered with James M.

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This is a click wheel. It holds the tension on the mainwheel. I would not wind this clock until you take care of this problem.

Seth Thomas wall clocks enjoy a history that began in when Seth Thomas bought Eli Terry’s factory through today and the Alliance Time Company, which acquired the entire inventory in Dating a Seth Thomas wall clock is a lesson in time itself.

Developed from French regency bracket clocks, they adorned the numerous fireplaces of royal palaces and wealthy manor homes. Frequently made from brass, these clocks featured intricate embellishments and detailing and were sometimes accompanied with candleholders or vases. A well-known French maker of mantel clocks in the early s was Raingo Freres.

English Shelf Clocks England was behind by a few years but the first shelf clocks came in the form of lantern clocks and then bracket clocks featuring both brass and wood cases. The National Institute of Standards and Technology also points out that the pendulum and anchor escapement helped keep more accurate time in clocks, too. The style of lantern and bracket clocks remained mostly unchanged through the s, with slight variations in the dials and some had rounded instead of flat tops.

Eardley Norton was a skilled English clockmaker producing clocks from to , and became a member of the Clockmakers’ Company in Origins of American Mantle Clocks With the help of water powered machines in the early 19th century, a small group of inventors revolutionized the clock making business, changing it from an artisan craft to a factory process. Eli Terry and his associates Seth Thomas and Silas Hoadly began to design small clocks with inexpensive wooden moving parts instead of the more costly brass.


Junghans Clock History A quest for excellence – from the very beginning The Junghans watch factory came into being in At first, they specialized in manufacturing individual parts for watch production. The precision of Junghans work quickly became synonymous with outstanding quality of manufacturing, and the foundation was laid for a complete watchmaking enterprise. The first watches bearing the Junghans brand were designed and constructed by the company’s own master watchmakers in Arthur was a watchmaker by trade and training and had traveled to America, where he studied the latest technological possibilities provided by rational production.

Arthur Junghans introduced many new production techniques at the company, providing the ideas, serving as designer, and playing the role of technical leader.

Mar 22,  · In the last 2 days, I’ve worked on 2 Seth Thomas clocks with the 89 movement in them. One was model AL and the other is the model M. The customer who brought in the M inherited the clock from his mother.

Seth TThomas Ships Clock, dating and questions Welcome to the mb, we were all newbies once and is the place for you and anyone else interested in clocks. Don’t feel neglected if you didn’t get a reply immediately – none of us know everything but you will find that most people will be glad to share what they do know. To get the ball rolling: I’m afraid I can’t tell you nearer than that but there may well be a Seth Thomas expert who can date your clock more accurately.

I don’t quite understand the question about the hour hand not moving.

Grandfather clock makers

Specifications[ edit ] In contrast to wall clocks, whose movements were attached to the back board, the shelf clock had its movement supported by a seat board. In the s in Boston, Simon Willard began selling other standardized shelf clocks. Indeed, it looked like a standard tall clock whose hood and base were directly conjoined and whose body was missing. These models included both a second hand and a calendar dial.

Dating Antique Clocks can be an exact science providing you have the right reference books and the proper experience. c – Seth thomas introduced clock models in Adamantine veneer finishes which mimicked marble, Dating the Antique Clock Hands.

Clock Lore Clock Lore from Der Uhrmacher American clock movements have undergone many innovations over these passed generations. These innovations took the form of unusual repairs by local tinkers. It’s not uncommon to examine an antique American clock movement and find a piece of bailing wire plugged into a worn pivot hole. Glue took the place of solder when piecing together broken levers and solder was used to fuse anything that didn’t look right to the beholder.

An old timer brought in his American clock boasting that it was running for 25 years without missing a tick. He never had it cleaned or oiled and couldn’t understand why it stopped. Needless to say, there was a lot of work to be done on this overhaul. First, I discovered a cotton wad soaked in kerosene which was stuffed into the corner of the case.

This was an “old wife’s tale” practice expecting that the kerosene vapors would not only keep the movement oiled, but would dissolve any gunk build-up occurring over the years. In a fairy tale world, this might be true, but actually, any working machine needs periodic lubrication and eventually an overhaul. It’s made exactly like the Eli Terry clock.

Young Seth Thomas was an apprentice to Eli Terry. After the revolution, not much British brass was being sent to the new country. Terry found his way down to Connecticut and established the first clock factory in America.

Dating a Seth Thomas Movement

The silvered dial is 10″ in diameter. Original blued steel hands. The 8 day, precision regulator movement is signed Lenzkirch and numbered 1 Million and dating the clock to The movement has thick plates with adjustable jeweled pallets and jeweled pivots on the pallet and escape wheel arbors. Large knurled thumb screws hold the plates and secure the movement to the very substantial brass mount in the case.

Early Seth Thomas clocks employed wood movements, but in , brass movements replaced the wood. 3 Examine the hands on the face of the dial as they are a very distinctive, telltale feature.

The nautical theme reverse painted glasses are signed by the artist, Tom Moberg. The case has a gilt splat, brass finials and brass balls on the base. Waltham 8 day movement. A beautiful little clock. Email me if you have questions. Click on the title above the photo to see many high resolution images. This is a superb miniature clock. The clock has a miniature weight driven movement.

The case is labeled 14 of A superb miniature Willard Grafton Wall Clock. Weight driven time and weight driven alarm. The case is labeled 13 of A very fine little clock.


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