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In fact, in numerous self-reporting polls of fandom done over the years, the majority of members participating in traditional fandom communities have identified themselves as queer or otherwise non-heterosexual. The popularity of slash fanfic invariably seems like a weird kink or a total mystery to outsiders, but there are actually a number of factors at play. Sam and Dean Winchester, and Dean and the angel Castiel. Female characters are routinely introduced as damsels, love interests, or sexy villains, and are then killed off to make way for the intense, obsessive loyalty and love expressed between these three dudes. Slash fanfiction is simply an extension of what viewers are already seeing onscreen. One of the most obvious yet overlooked reasons for writing slash is that people who enjoy romance enjoy the emotional catharsis of a love that can overcome obstacles. There are few bigger obstacles in life than the social obstacles that gay and lesbian men and women have to overcome to achieve self-acceptance, community acceptance, and real and meaningful relationships. This is the reason that many straight men and women enjoy reading queer romance, be it slash or original fiction. For many women and girls, exploring sexuality through male characters provides a safe, shame-free distance, while enabling them to simultaneously soften male characters and imbue them with emotions and characteristics that many real men find it difficult to show because of masculine stereotypes. By the same token, slash allows many women to insert themselves into the emotional experience of a relationship.

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For various reasons, an author writes themselves or their friends into the story, as themselves. Maybe it’s an in-joke. Maybe it’s a message. Maybe they’re just seizing the nearest source of inspiration. Although this is more common in fiction than some authors would dare admit, it really broke out in webcomics due to their less formal standards.

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The question was submitted anonymously and is as follows: Heterosexual, girly, YA fiction is rarely accurate. I mean, think about it: In the Princess Diaries, Mia falls in love with and eventually loses her virginity to Michael Moskovitz. And I mean, Michael is the ultimate fantasy dude. This goes far and beyond the normal romance novel hero. The normal romance novel hero has some sort of dark and mysterious past that makes them hard to live with or something.

Michael Moskovitz has none of that. A senior Mia is a freshman 2. Totally hot he lifts weights and thus, has a six pack and nice biceps 3.

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Pet peeves in young adult fiction I recently read a post on the Teen Librarian Toolbox blog about pet peeves in young adult fiction, and I felt inspired to talk about my own, especially since I share some of the things mentioned in the post. Here are my and two of my coworkers’ top ten pet peeves in young adult books, in no particular order. The phrase “I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. It’s very quickly become a cliche, so writers should stop using it!

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Or it could have been two weeks ago, at the first public screening of ” The Fault in Our Stars ,” a movie based on Mr. Green’s novel about two teenagers with cancer. When he took the stage at a theater in Chelsea after the credits rolled, Mr. Green drew more fervent screams of “I love you! Green finally chastised the crowd into temporary silence: Whenever the shift from Web fame to mega stardom occurred, Mr. Green, 36, is reeling from the effects.

As a self-described hypochondriac who suffers from anxiety, Mr. Green says he avoids making physical contact with strangers and feels unsettled by the massive crowds he has been drawing during a nationwide tour to promote “The Fault in Our Stars” movie, which comes out June 6. Fans routinely show up at his house in Indianapolis. At a recent screening for fans at a mall in Miami, some 5, people turned out and the event was shut down early due to safety concerns.

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What is a Nerd? A “nerd” is a person who shows great interest in intellectual abilities, rather than popular or faddish interests. Nerds are often depicted as boring, but are usually more intelligent than their peers, and convivial within their social niche.

Nerdfighter Lexicon – (n.) A comprehensive dictionary of Nerdfighter terms and language, collaboratively put together by dozens of nerdfighters. A comprehensive dictionary of Nerdfighter terms and language, collaboratively put together by dozens of nerdfighters.

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This post is about sex. This post talks about rape and sexual abuse and has the potential to be triggering. This post is kind of long. Sometimes there are questions that I avoid until you guys make me confront them head on. I’ve talked before about why I don’t think it’s fair to jump to conclusions about people who have sex outside of marriage or who wait until they’re married to have sex. There are too many judgments and assumptions on both sides of the equation, and no two people are exactly the same.

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The New Normal At the beginning of this year I was a college professor. Now I am a homeschooling mother. At the beginning of this year I wore heels and jewelry and makeup every day. Now, I live in pajama pants and nerd t-shirts. At the beginning of this year I was in pain every day.

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Compiled and authored by dozens of nerdfighters, below you will find the most comprehensive dictionary of Nerdfighter-specific terms, phrases, and definitions — from An Abundance of Katherines to Zombicorns! Published in by Dutton and Speak. A finalist for the Michael L. Accio Deathly Hallows — n. A song by Hank, which was featured on the front page of YouTube when that was a thing in July This greatly increased the number of subscribers to the vlogbrothers channel. Contains surprisingly accurate predictions about the plot of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

The wrock band Harry and the Potters have taken to encouraging Hank to play the song as often as possible. An abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word. Not to be confused with an initialism. The irrational fear of heights, from which John suffers. He also went onto the froghopper. Aero Fighters — n. A videogame that John discovered in an airport arcade.

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